The 3 Steps To A Life of Global Freedom
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The 3 Steps To A Life of Global Freedom

The 3 Steps To A Life of Global Freedom

Well - it finally happened!

Elon Musk put $1.5 billion of Tesla’s cash into Bitcoin, announced they will start accepting Bitcoin as payment for cars - and did you notice the newsletter got a facelift?

Elon Musk is a pioneer who will mark generations to come (and if you don’t believe me, just watch this Star Trek clip. They must know, they’re from the future after all).

This move will have enormous ripple effects on companies all around the world scrambling to do the same.

Rumor is that Apple will be next. But it doesn’t matter because the Bitcoin wave is now officially here.

Actually, let’s make that a tsunami.

Soon enough, all large companies will hold a portion or all of their cash in Bitcoin. Then it will be countries. This will bring trillions of dollars into crypto and is one of the reasons I’m all in on the space.

Elon Musk (and the soon-to-be hundreds of other Fortune 500 CEOs) has a fiduciary responsibility to care for his shareholder’s cash as if it was his ailing grandmother’s life savings.

And if he’s moved $1.5 billion of his company’s cash into Bitcoin and plans to accept it for payment soon, maybe Bitcoin isn’t so crazy or risky after all.

You may or may not have invested in Bitcoin (and Ethereum) since I started writing rants about it in 2019… or since I told you it was my largest position in August 2020… and now that Elon’s onboard.

But whatever you’ve done, know that going forward, NOT owning Bitcoin has become riskier than owning it.

Yes, I mean that. And yes, it’s volatile. But the greatest wealth transfer in history is happening right before our eyes. When Bitcoin hits $300,000, half of the world’s billionaires will come from Bitcoin.

The opportunity cost of not participating is higher than ever. Don’t let this be one of those “if only I had…” moments.

Remember, Bitcoin is like a Swiss bank account with limited shelf space. In order to get one, others have to sell it to you. And it won’t be long before there won’t be many sellers left.

Speaking of Swiss bank accounts…

It’s become easier than ever to become a fully global, digital, and sovereign investor and entrepreneur

The internet’s given anyone with enough desire the ability to create a life of total freedom.

Here’s how:

Build an online brand that sells products or distributes media (or both) at scale. There are thousands of business models, so it’s important to pick the one most suited to your skills AND your personality.

Building a brand removes the aggressiveness of sales and builds loyalty.

This will ensure you are mobile and can earn money from anywhere sustainably.

Identify and move to your own Personal Piece of Paradise. I used to put tax-savings above all, but I ultimately discovered that no amount of taxes will make up for the feeling of loving where you live.

Every day I wake up to the sun-drenched French Riviera is another day I pinch myself for being so lucky. So choose wisely.

If weather is important to you, it’s become easier than ever for non-Europeans to move to places like Portugal, Spain, and even Greece.

And most people can easily move to Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Panama, Argentina, the UAE, and many more (I’ll dive more into the “how” in future newsletters)

It doesn’t matter where it is - but if you’re not happy with your current environment, change it.

Take what you earn, protect it, and invest it in the future.

Diversify what you earn and invest it so as to make yourself fully insulated from loss, theft, confiscation - and most importantly, mediocre returns on investment.

You want to make sure your money compounds fast AND is protected.

As you no doubt know by now, I am optimistic about Bitcoin for both growth & protection, but also on technology in general, China, India, Vietnam, and real estate in select second-tier cities around the world.

Later down the line, you can optimize for things like taxes, privacy and diversify your citizenships for another layer of freedom. But with these 3 steps, you’ll be a global, mobile, sovereign entrepreneur and investor. That’s your Plan A.

Rapid-Fire Best Insights

By the way, the reason I am so optimistic about China is that I’ve seen what the Chinese can do. I first went there in 1998, and then lived there in the mid-2000s for a while.

The Chinese are some of the most entrepreneurial people in the world - and they are racing ahead at full steam, overtaking the US on innovation & technology, education, military, trade, and output.

But most people don’t want to acknowledge the rise of China for political reasons; because China doesn’t comply with human rights or because they think we’ll live in a police world.

China couldn’t care less. China will be the dominant superpower of the 21st century, and the data is already very clear about it.

Your question shouldn’t be - “is this good?” - but rather, “how can I prosper given the reality of the facts?”

Soon, you’re going to want to invest more in China.

Quote of the week: "If I had my investment life over again, I would just have invested in anything that follows Metcalfe’s Law” - Raoul Pal

And if you’re wondering what Metcalfe’s Law is, and why it’s important today, read this.

Best article I read this week: The World’s Livestream Queen Can Sell Anything

Best Tweet I came across: Wanna see some charts that’ll change your investing forever? Here’s why software companies are in a different category altogether.

This week, I also re-visited the soundtrack to the movie Human, produced by Yann-Arthus Bertrand, and arguably one of the most beautiful movies I’ve ever seen. I went to see his exhibition in St. Tropez this summer - and his work is breath-taking. The soundtrack is mesmerizing.

Anything else I think you should know: a proposed new bill in Nevada would allow private companies to essentially start their own governments.

Yes, I know it sounds crazy.

Under the new bill, private businesses will have the power to buy land, form governments, raise taxes, form school districts, courts and provide government services.

I’ve been pounding my fist on the table at dinners with friends and family arguing that, much sooner than most people expect it, the very way we organize ourselves in society will change.

This won’t just be about the iPhone 27, which I have no doubt, will be great.

But this will be about re-organizing governments, nations, currencies, laws, welfare nets - the very fabric of modern society - as we move from centralization to decentralization.

Nearly 12 years ago, an anonymous computer programmer used their laptop to create a digital store of value vastly superior to any government-issued currency, now used by some of the largest companies and wealthiest individuals in the world.

What do you think will happen when the rest of the world wakes up to the power of the Internet?

Until next week,


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