Moonshot Alert #1 - Ethereum 💎

Happy Friday everyone! If you’re one of the hundreds of new investors to join us from Wealth Mastery - welcome. I recorded a Zoom session for Wealth Mastery graduates just like yourself with answers to dozens of questions around

The biggest money myth you shouldn't fall for

Happy Friday, everyone! Today, I want to show you the kind of chart we all love to look at: It’s beautiful, isn’t it? Straight up. Now, you might be surprised to hear that’s actually the chart of

Why You Shouldn't Invest In "Sustainability"

Happy Friday everyone! There are really 2 reasons why Al Gore is famous. The first one is that he lost a hotly contested US Presidential election to George Bush in 2000. The second is that - roughly half a decade

What Tony Robbins Gets Wrong About Money

Wait, what?! “I thought you were a fan?!” I am. Like I told you two weeks ago, Tony changed my life in more ways than I can explain. But in August of 2019, I attended Tony’s flagship money seminar

This revolution needs to be on your radar...

Howdy there! Ever had one of those phone calls that leaves you buzzing for days? Well, a few days ago, I had a chat with an old friend of mine. We’ve known each other for a decade (and we

The 3 Steps To A Life of Global Freedom

Well - it finally happened! Elon Musk put $1.5 billion of Tesla’s cash into Bitcoin, announced they will start accepting Bitcoin as payment for cars - and did you notice the newsletter got a facelift? Elon Musk is

How A Kid Turned $50,000 into $47M this week

Get ready for the story that will set the tone for the rest of the decade. If you're feeling it, play this song as you're reading the newsletter. It should give it the dramatic effect it deserves. You all set?

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