How To Retire Fast (and the tools you'll need)

I've been pondering the concept of "retirement" for quite some time. I used to think there were 2 ways to retire. But Naval Ravikant taught me that there are actually 3 ways to retire: 1) save enough money and live

Here's something to be grateful for...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Although I am not American, my wife and I chose to celebrate Thanksgiving last night - as an expression of gratitude. I've found that without conscious gratitude, it's easy to fall prey to the overwhelming negativity that

Safe Investments Today, Making $500,000/year & Fasting

As I'm typing this, I'm listening to the most memorable songs from Barack Obama's presidency (his own words). The former President posted the songs on Twitter, but to my surprise, nobody had created a playlist for them on Spotify yet.

Welcome, New Format & Highest Conviction Idea

Hello! Whether you're joining me from Beyond Entrepreneurs, TikTok, Camp, TR, or just a chance encounter in life - I want to warmly welcome you. I'm testing a new format to bring you my absolute best ideas on investing, money,

Here's More Proof That Change Is Coming

Last week, I spent 4 days entirely immersed in a seminar… on Zoom. I’m a big proponent of going to events and seminars on a regular basis – at least once or twice a year. Last time, I spent 10

How To Get Rich (without getting lucky)

On May 31, 2018, Naval Ravikant logged onto Twitter and wrote a thread titled: “How To Get Rich (Without Getting Lucky).” At the time, Naval Ravikant was already the founder and CEO of angel investment platform AngelList and was an

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