How you can participate in the biggest revolution in history
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How you can participate in the biggest revolution in history

How you can participate in the biggest revolution in history

Happy Friday everyone!

It seems cryptocurrencies are all the rage these days, doesn’t it?

Yes, a lot of people are going to make a lot of money in this cycle (and if you keep reading this newsletter, well… you might too).

But if everyone and your cousin is buying crypto, it’s for a reason:

Crypto in 2021 is like Internet in the year 2000 - the Wild West where the future is built (and fortunes are made/lost).

In 2000:

  • the first billion-dollar internet companies existed (like Yahoo)
  • we had basic infrastructure (ISPs)

everybody knew what the internet was - and tens of millions of people had used it

… but most people had never used it.

In 2021:

  • we have the first crypto billionaires and the first billion-dollar crypto company (Coinbase)
  • We have billion-dollar protocols like Ethereum and infrastructure layers (like mining)

Almost everyone in the world has heard of it - and a hundred million people have used it

… but most people still have never used it.

The number of crypto users is going to 1 billion much faster than most of us expect.

Crypto is a revolution to re-build the broken traditional financial system - drowning in debt, inefficiencies and centralized power - from scratch.

And to tell you the truth - it’s the biggest revolution in human history.

You, my friend, have 2 choices to make regarding this revolution:

  1. Ignore it - because it’s difficult, you don’t don’t get it, “it’s a bubble” or whatever other excuse - and watch the world go by, or…
  2. Participate.

You know which one I encourage you to choose.

Bitcoin is like Noah’s Ark - the lifeboat about to take off for a parallel universe while everything else slowly (or swiftly) decays.

The entire system of money is being re-created right now, in front of our eyes.

The new world will annihilate every middle-man out there - and empower individuals like never before.

It’s the biggest democratic experiment in history - the ultimate tool to give people the power over their own personal economy.

This isn’t just about how much you allocate to Bitcoin or Ethereum, by the way.

It’s much bigger than that.

It’s about whether you choose to join the new world.

Ultimately, decentralized technologies will completely re-shape modern society - much for the better.

The future is brighter, better, faster, more creative, convenient and comfortable than you think.

I hope you won’t squander this opportunity (more on Bitcoin allocations below).

Rapid-Fire Best Insights

Book to revisit: if you want to learn the basics of Bitcoin, read The Bitcoin Standard. It’s the gold standard (Bitcoin standard?) of Bitcoin introductions.

Best podcast I listened to this week: my favorite thinker was on Tim Ferriss’ podcast this week. You can check out their incredible 3-hour conversation here.

By the way - remember the millions of kids who broke a hedge fund last month with GameStop? They just got together and adopted 3,500 gorillas. Kinda cool.

And on a totally different note - when I was 17 years old, I was on a Chinese hit primetime TV show. This week, I shared a picture of it on Twitter.

What I’m fascinated by this week: tracking my sleep.

Ever since I started the 75 Hard challenge I’ve come to embrace the enormous impact sleep has on my overall health.

In fact, just getting rid of my alarm (and going to bed earlier to wake up naturally) has probably been the single best thing I’ve done for my health in years.

I bought the Whoop strap to understand exactly how much sleep I need to function optimally based on my level of exercise throughout the day (I work out twice a day).

So far, it’s awesome - and if you’re looking to take your health to the next level, I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Anything else I think you should know: if you're wondering “what crypto should I buy - and how much of it?” - keep your crypto portfolio simple…

50% Bitcoin - 50% Ethereum.

And yes - someone will get lucky/smart and pick the next big thing, make 100X on their money in a year, and you’ll feel stupid for missing out.

Just accept it. If you want to dabble in all the other coins, know that you should probably diversify A LOT - and that it will probably lower your overall returns.

Remember, crypto companies are amazing at taking their dreams and your money and turning it into your dreams and their money.

Of course, this isn’t financial advice, I’m not an investment advisor, no giraffes were harmed during the production of this newsletter, etc. - you know the spiel.

Much love from the sunny south of France - and until next week,


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