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The biggest money myth you shouldn't fall for

Happy Friday, everyone! Today, I want to show you the kind of chart we all love to look at: It’s beautiful, isn’t it? Straight up. Now, you might be surprised to hear that’s actually the chart of

The 4 ways you can get a second passport

Happy Friday everyone! Ok, so you bought some Bitcoin… now what?! The damn thing swings up and down like a Disneyland rollercoaster but you’re holding on! (with sweaty hands) If that’s you, congratulations - and welcome to the

Why You Shouldn't Invest In "Sustainability"

Happy Friday everyone! There are really 2 reasons why Al Gore is famous. The first one is that he lost a hotly contested US Presidential election to George Bush in 2000. The second is that - roughly half a decade

What Tony Robbins Gets Wrong About Money

Wait, what?! “I thought you were a fan?!” I am. Like I told you two weeks ago, Tony changed my life in more ways than I can explain. But in August of 2019, I attended Tony’s flagship money seminar

4 Ways Anyone Can Get a Second Passport

Having a second passport is no longer for just the James Bonds of the world. It provides you lifelong benefits for traveling, doing business, investing, and living overseas.

My Best Newsletter So Far This Year

And here it is! The year everyone's been waiting for is finally around the corner. Happy New Year. If you spent some time disconnecting from the hustle and bustle of opinions, inputs, and stimuli like I encouraged you to last

My 2 Cents For The Holidays

Over the years, I've gotten into the habit of regularly disconnecting from everything for a period of time - work, news, friends, social media, and generally, after a few days, my routines and habitual patterns of thoughts and emotions. I

Flying Cars, Bitcoin & My Masochistic Challenge

I'm amazed by how fast society has been able to embrace technology to accommodate social distancing rules. I don't seem to be alone in this amazement. A new wave of techno-optimism is taking over the internet  - and smart people

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